Book Coaching

Whether you hire me as a Developmental Editor, helping you transform your ideas into book form, or as a Ghostwriter, working in partnership to write the text, I will be your dedicated coach, supporter and advocate.

From our first conversation to the day you receive the copies of your book from the publisher, I will share the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from my 27 years in the business book field, including the last 15 years as an independent book editor and ghostwriter, to guide you through what will inevitably be a long and exciting endeavor filled with triumphs and challenges.

From the beginning, I will share with you some of the insights and lessons that I’ve learned in working with a wide variety of authors, subjects and styles.

Some authors, for example, make the mistake of starting the book by writing the Introduction. I always suggest that the Introduction be written last; otherwise, you are trying to write an Introduction to something that doesn’t yet exist.

Other authors decide from the beginning on the length of the book they want to write. In my experience, your book chooses its word count, being as long or as short as is necessary to convey in clear, compelling and comprehensive language the message and themes you are presenting to your audience.

Another key decision in a writing collaboration is how should the author and the editor communicate. The hard-and-fast rule for the collaborative process is that there is no hard-and-fast rule. Often, different methods—dictation, weekly remote meetings, or periodic face-to-face interviews—are attempted before a seamless process that works for the author can be found.

Finally, the production process will bring its own set of frustrations, exacerbated by the fatigue that comes from the months of hard work you’ve put into your book. Without fail, any issue that arises in this phase of the process is temporary and will be resolved.

Whatever the challenge, the question, the problem, the concern, I will always be available. A book coach is an experienced writer and editor, but most of all, an experienced listener.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Chris Murray Editor