Getting Published

As a professional business book reviewer for 12 years, and as an editor and ghostwriter who has worked with editorial teams at such publishing houses as John Wiley, Jossey Bass, Penguin, McGraw-Hill and Amacom, Chris knows what publishers are looking for in an increasingly competitive and global business book market. He is not an agent, and doesn’t pretend to be. He’s learned from experience, however, what publishers expect from their authors, not only in terms of the original manuscript, but also in terms of the personal marketing platform that will build the sales of the published book.

When you hire Chris to help you with your book, the first step will be a three-day face-to-face session in which you and Chris will explore every facet of what you have to say. Constantly writing notes on flipcharts during this brainstorming session, these three days will end inevitably with a full table of contents for the book, and an idea of what will go into each chapter.

Beginning immediately, Chris will begin working not only on the text of the chapter, but on the book proposal as well. Unlike fiction, a non-fiction book does not have to be completed before you can approach publishers with your proposal.

The Book Proposal

A book proposal is a carefully designed document that includes the table of contents, a short summary of the content of each chapter, two or three sample chapters, and an extensive marketing section in which you will explain to the publisher how you will market the book. The key to getting published today is to have an impressive platform on which you can build book sales. Your platform will include clients and potential clients, industry associations and trade magazines with which you are affiliated, your email base, your scheduled speaking engagements and any other avenue or outlet through which you can directly advertise your book.

While you may decide to work through a professional agent to sign the contract (this is recommended), Chris will help you prepare a final book from the first brainstorming session to the final edited and proofed copy for a single fee.

For more information on costs, timeframe, availability and opportunities for publication, contact Chris today.

Chris Murray Editor