Magazine and Journal Articles

In addition to writing his own articles, Chris has experience editing magazine and journal articles for organizations and individual authors. Chris is hired on a regular basis by an international business organization based in Philadelphia to edit their scholarly papers and conference presentations, as well as their books. He has worked with academics in both the United States and Europe to edit articles for submission to international journals. Chris worked closely with a team of academics on an article published in Long Range Planning, the UK-based journal of The Strategic Planning Society. Chris has also edited articles for submission to professional trade journals, including a five-part series co-written with a drugstore executive that was published in Chain Drug Review.

As with book-length projects, the same editorial rigor is required for articles to be accepted by demanding journal editors: writing that is clear and concise without being simplistic; a structure for the article that presents the thesis in cohesive and logical steps; pertinent examples and case studies that support the individual points of the article; and an introduction and conclusion that wraps the article in a compelling and persuasive package.

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Chris Murray Editor